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Freshness is our specialty. We are a small farm on the South Shore in Blandford NS. We use no pesticides, herbicides or commercial fertilizers. We use seaweed and manures only. We are members of the THINKFARM community.

Founded on August 25, 2010, THINKFARM helps attract new people to careers in agriculture and supports beginning and transitioning farmers. THINKFARM believes in matching people with rewarding careers and business opportunities in agriculture.



Farmers Market


Top 10 Reasons to Shop at the Farmer’s Market

Besides better-tasting, environmentally conscious food, there are lots of other reasons to eat local.
Here are the top 10 reasons to shop your local farmers market.

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  • Taste the difference
    Farmer’s markets offer the freshest food around—usually only hours from the field—so you get top quality, perfectly ripe flavor.
  • Help the environment
    Eating locally saves vast amounts of packaging waste and energy required to ship food around the globe.
  • Shop organic for global health
    Farmer’s markets attract vendors who use organic growing methods, meaning you gain access to food free of synthetic pesticides & buying organic supports good land stewardship.
  • Become part of your community
    Festive and lively, farmer’s markets are social venues where you bump into friends and meet local farmers face to face.
  • Support your local farmers & economy
    In an era when sustainable farmers struggle to survive, farmer’s market profits—which go straight into growers’ pockets—help keep small farms alive.
  • Save money
    Buying from farmers eliminates the cost of the middleman and pricey shipping, so you get more value for your dollar.
  • Learn about food
    Kids and adults alike enjoy exploring firsthand how foods are grown, harvested, and eaten by browsing market stalls and talking to farmers.
  • Boost your nutrition
    Tantalizing produce displayed in farmers’ bins and baskets encourages you to eat more fruits and vegetables, so it’s easy to consume the recommended five servings a day.
  • Treat your senses
    Experiencing the colors, smells, and tastes of a farmer’s market is a sensual experience that connects you to the land.
  • Find new cooking ideas
    Community chefs at the farmer’s market are happy to share recipes for in-season foods.



Our Annual Growing Schedule This all depends on Mother Nature of course, but this is our plan!


Ginger arrives and we start to sprout it.


Start tomato seeds. Order seeds from us and we can bring them to market for you.


Planting begins in full force for the Farmers Market season


Plant cabbage, kale, spinach and strawberries.


Planting and harvesting first greens.


Email us to ask what we are bringing to market of follow us on Facebook.


Annual Farmers Markets Here are the upcoming dates & locations where we plan to attend,

May to October
8 am to 12 noon

17 Green Street | Lunenburg, NS

May to October
8 am to 12 noon

Highway 3 | Hubbards, NS


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We have added some items for our customers to enjoy!

Jute Shopping Bags

Made of environmentally-friendly jute, a renewable and recyclable material. Durable, washable and reusable and a win-win for the environment.

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Produce Mesh Storage Bags

Washable organic cotton and perfect for storing products. A healthy non-toxic substitute for non-hygienic plastic bags, these bags keep air in motion, thus preventing mold.

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We do not ship seeds. We announce our seed supply by email newsletter. Purchase them online and pick them up at our booth. Please bring your receipt!

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Thank you in advance for your patronage!

Because we are a small farm and often out taking care of our land and produce, email is the best way to reach us. If you do call, we will try to return you call as quickly as possible. Contact us to check on product availability. We share our most recent news on Facebook so follow our page for the latest information.

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